Ready for the long weekend


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I installed a second battery and figured out how to plug the fresh water tank over flow hoses, so I can still have a tank full of water when I get to my camp site. I'm not sure why they just leave them open, with a 90 degree elbow crimped on. I found a hardwood dowel that fits snug and won't fall out. A quarter turn valve would have been the correct way to build these, instead of two open lines into the fresh water tank, with no way to close them off. I would gladly have paid the extra $12 for two valves. Left open, every turn you take leaves a trail of water behind you and 2/3 of a tank of water when you get to camp. Not to mention, things can get into the tank, as easy as water gets out. I boondock most of the time, so arriving at camp with a full tank is kind of important to me.
Other than that, I think I'm ready for my first real camping trip of the season with the new XLT. Got the ATV's positioned to where the tongue weight of the second trailer scaled at only 270 lbs. I pulled just the atv trailer first to make sure that was enough tongue weight, and it never wiggled or wagged, even with some deliberate, abrupt tugs on the steering wheel. Pulls perfect and you can't even feel them back there. 60.2' long bumper to bumper. The ATV trailer tracks right in the 5th wheel tracks when turning, so any turn I can make with the 5th wheel, I can make with both trailers just as easy.