RecPro Charles 80 inch Triple RV Wall Recliner Sofa w/ Drop Down Console


Hi all, especially 39 MBHS model owners:

Our 80 inch sofa/sleeper in the rear of our trailer broke, and I found this nice recliner set on the net, which we intend to purchase to replace it ($1,212.95). Found directions about how to dissemble the crappy sofa bed/sleeper and haul it out our narrow trailer door (about 27 inches wide). The RecPro also comes in a sleeper sofa model, but the width of our trailer door and tight hallway may be a problem in trying to install it. Getting the crappy one out is less of a concern to us, since it value has diminished to $0, since it cannot be folded back down in place (an obstacle for the slides). A ripping saw may be an alternative to dissembling this piece of trash. The RecPro recliner is a modular unit, and video provided by U-Tube, showed a less than strenuous exercise to install it.

For the time being, since we have fishing trips planned, we will be relocating the full-size sleeper sofa from the living area to the rear of the trailer. Previously, we removed the bothersome free-standing dinette set, and placed the den's full-size sleeper sofa, across from the kitchen island, to accommodate more family in the living area. With the opposing slides open, there was ample room to entertain 7+ people seated on the 2 recliners, queen-size sofa/sleeper and full-size sofa/sleeper. The den has been used for extra storage: house our appliances and extra provisions.

With the full-size sleeper/sofa relocated to the rear of the trailer, we'll be reinstalling the dinette set in its original location. All's well that ends well!

I'll provide an update when we (Dear Husband and I) begin remodeling the unit with the new RecPro Recliner set.