Registration fees


I just paid $1,050 to register my 2018 Big Country 3560 SS in New Hampshire. Does this sound right it was more than my 2018 Silverado 3500 Duramax


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I paid, I think, $120 bucks or so for Permanent registration tags in Pennsylvania for our Bighorn several years ago
Annual Truck registration is another story...

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It is difficult to impossible to compare registration fees from one state to the next. Some states have personal property taxes so you pay very low registration fees, but very high personal property tax. In other states, like Arizona, there is no personal property tax so registration fees are higher. Some states (Oregon) have low fees and I am not sure about personal property but some register their vehicles there, until they get caught by the state they live in and then the penalties catch up with them.


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In Bama these annual registration fees vary from county to county. My 17 Bighorn cost nearly as much to register as my other 3 vehicles combined; even more than my property tax.
The clerk told me that my county was the highest in the state.


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In Georgia, you pay a one-time advalorum tax when you register your vehicle/camper for the first time and it's based on the value. Mine was almost $1200 when we purchased earlier this year. After that, it's $20 a year unless you have a specialized tag.


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Michigan is a one time fee when you register it. Tag says “Permanent.” Same for boat trailers. They make up for it with the annual vehicle registration fees.

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We NYers do B***H alot about things here, but will say we also seem to be pretty cheap when it come to vehicle reg. Our 5er is lil over 200/yr, but it get prorated if you wait to reg it for the year. I usually reg ours in late May or so and fee is like 150. Truck reg is based off GVW and mine is at 14k so fee here is couple hundred bucks for 2 yr or lil over 100/yr. Inspection fees vary depending what it is but that's just 10-20 bucks. NOW I will say tho that NY does stink on other types of reg fees. They want to whack me 35 bucks/yr for a 12' landscape trailer up from 20/yr and my snowmobile trailer would be 65-75/yr. Figured they can pound salt cuz I have them both reg in Maine for 22/yr EACH !!! To do the RV in Maine would be over 300/yr per ME DMV, so kept that one in NY.