Replacement Pull Out Steps for M21


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We've recently purchased a 2011 Edge M21 in fantastic condition. So far we like everything about it except for the entry steps. It currently has a pull out single step and we would like to replace it with a 2 step model. I've searched the forum but did not find what I was looking for. I'm looking for steps that would be a direct replacement without modifications to the steps or trailer. If you know of such steps and would be willing to share the Manufacturer and Model Number it would be very much appreciated.



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The folks at have also been very helpful in finding parts. If you call them with the model of your trailer, they may be able to help. They have a lot of steps on their website. I purchased our Torklift Glowsteps from them.
Thanks for the tips Dave and John! I'll check 'em out.

I too just purchased an Edge. Mine is m17. Same step issue. After much research I went with a Strlmberg Carlson 2 step pull out. They do require slight modification. However they are very stout and I believe would be much stabler than the brand mentioned above. Heavy gauge steel and design is such that it has super nice stability. The other brands scissor style sode extensions dont lend themselves to the same stout workings. I had to lop off one back corner of the frame to clear my stabilizer on that corner. I know you would be very happy with it. Randy