Rest in Peace Rusty Creekmore


Texas-South Chapter Leaders
I would ask for all of us to give a moment of our time for a friend Rusty Creekmore who passed away this morning. Rusty was not a Heartland owner but he did own a Mobile Suite (DRV), so that's close...

Rusty and his wife Sandy founded the Texas Boomer RV club that we were a member of and where I first was exposed to having a leadership role with an RV club. We became good friends with Rusty and Sandy and have remained friends, even though we seldom attended a Boomer rally. It is especially sad because Rusty had just recently retired and I am sure that he and Sandy had big plans to enjoy their retirement.


Well-known member

Sorry for the loss of your friend. Not sure I ever met Rusty. I'm glad he instilled the notion of RV club leadership in you. I recall you were active in the Boomers club when I cast my line your way.

So sad too that he had recently retired.