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We have a RG26 toy hauler and are looking at switching to Lithium batteries. I have read that the charge rete or the ability to fully charge a Lithium battery is not possible with one made for a lead acid battery. I'm not really sure where the charger for the batteries is for when you are plugged in shore power/ generator. Has anyone made the switch? If so, what all did you need to change.
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Go to the 'Batteries' forum you posted this thread in, and read some of the past dozens of threads....Lithiums has been discussed in depth.


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Some of the newer converters are capable of operating with either type of battery.

You will have to locate the converter to find out what brand/model you have. Once you have that in hand, you can do an internet search for the specifications of that particular converter. If it is capable of producing the higher voltage required for lithium batteries, it should indicate that.

On edit: Some converters are built into the power/fuse panel. The attached pic is an example. The arrow points to the converter.


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