Sailun tires excessive wear on inside and outside of all 4 tires!


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The best explanation I've heard (and makes sense) was explained earlier. By running max pressure and a light load on each tire the weight is all carried on the center of the tire and not spread out across the tread. That lets the outer edges scuff more. I know I have been running 95-100 lbs cold pressure for over 3 years and don't have an issue. I'll probably drop back to around 90 if I ever get a chance to weigh each individual tire and adjust appropriately.


I noticed 2 weeks ago that I have the same inside/outside wear on my Sailun S637 LT 235/85R16 tires. I have less than 12K miles on them. They are inflated to 102 PSI. The 5th wheel is a 2015 3450 Big Country.



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Here is a picture of one of ours with similar mileage and 2 years + old. There might be a slight bit of more wear on the out edges. I can measure that tomorrow, dressed for a party now. Chris

I just went an measure tread depth. Outer is 7/32 and center 10/32. The spare measured the same way is 10/32 outer and 11/32 center.

I think is a LRG thingy! Chris