Screen door broke the hinges!


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We thought we were being clever by inserting thin plexiglass sheets in the slots of the screen door - so on cool days we could have the main door open, to allow the sun to shine in through the screen door plexiglass. Turns out after the years, that may have not been such a bright idea. (Pun intended)

Once in a while, a wind gust could catch the screen door just right, and slam the door either shut or wide open. This eventually broke the bottom hinge, followed very shortly by the middle hinge.

So far, I have only seen COMPLETE door assemblies, to include screen AND main door, frame and all, for $500-700!!!

So this is just a warning about the plexiglass inserts - may not be as good an idea.

Also, if you have any solutions for just the screen door, I'd love to hear them!!