Sentence word spacing etc


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Y'all ought to use Tapatalk App. None of the issues you describe

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

I just can't get used to Tapatalk . . .

Got it on my HTC M9 Android phone and iPad Aire and just don't like it.

Perhaps, but how often do you just start typing without even looking at the screen?

I know . . .

I usually have several words typed before I look up at the monitor.


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Where you are you looking, if not at the monitor while you're typing?? :confused: :confused: :confused:

I used to be able to type 95 words a minute (before Arthur Itis set in).

I was a newspaper man (photographer) and learned on an old manual typewriter.

I often look at the keyboard while typing, but can also watch TV (like I am right now - Walker, Texas Ranger on INSP) and type without looking at the computer.

Edit: It worked this time without have to type some letters and then start a new line


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I use Firefox and Safari on my Mac and have not experienced this problem. I do use Tapatalk about 75% of the time on my iPhone or iPad and no problems there either.