Serious build quality issues

I can't even begin to list all the issues I have had. Matter of fact it is and has been at the dealership for repairs for the last 3 months. Issues from awnings being wired backwards (in is out and out is in) to fuel tank gages being hooked to the wrong tanks, outside hitch controls not working, slide for the bedroom stuck out and had to drive 3 hours to get it back to town, screws everywhere. Be warned...if you don't want to be totally shocked NEVER go looking at the wiring. Biggest rats nest I have ever seen. $140k for an RV and this is what you get. I am by no means new to RV's, this is #4 for me. Really disgusted with how this thing is built. I am getting very close to getting a lawyer and evoking the lemon law.
Sad, they were at one point a good builder of rv’s .. Shameful
I bought a 2021 Heartland Landmark Newport 365. Sticker was over $150K. Bought it from General RV in Canton Oh. Had over 100 issues. Dealer did nothing to address them. Had factory take it back to repair. Got it back after three months. New roof and slide out were just two issues. Still had numerous issues. They took it back for another three months. Got it back and could not unlock the brand new door. Original door fell apart after only 5 trips. Locks were changed and keys were locked inside. Two master keys later I get in to find lights on, half bath door swinging in the wind. Two major scratches on the outside. Refrigerator door not secure and more has dents. This is the third time for dented door. And the list goes on. Hundreds of issues, poor workmanship or lack there of. Stay away from this brand. Stay very far away. Worst purchase of my life. Spent way too much of a piece of crap. Couches were install with only 4 inch and a half wood screws. 4 windows replaced. Accent lights outside fell off. Water, waste and battery level indicators not working. Kitchen island had to be moved. Slide out was hitting it. Ceiling fan was bad. On and on and on.
General rv in Jacksonville FL is a joke too, their “keep you camping” warranty is a joke. We bought a 2022 Thor quantum se22 back in July ( 1st mistake) issue after issue, they would never call me back, I drove unit there, tossed service the keys after 2 weeks of calling with no return call, said fix it.. and I left.. **** did they call me 5 mins later…. Lmao…. 2 electrical issue they couldn’t figure out at all.. week later traded that pos for the Fuel 287.. so far just very minor issues …. Been camping 7 times 2200 miles of towing.. so far so good… fingers crossed…. Research rv and dealer before ever buying a rv…. Ugh