2023 FUEL 5th wheel nothing but issues


Where do I start... began with the nose lights being mis-wired so the nose lights were constantly on... i fixed miself. Then taking RV up into the mountains for a hunting trip... and the heater went out...had it repaired, lost a day hunting. Then water pump went out, lost another day getting it fixed. Then after just 2 days... the black tank was full... which seemed odd since there were only 2 people... until I figured out the kitchen sink and bathroom drains were plumed into the black water tank instead of the Grey tank... that was fun! Then the outlets in the bedroom stopped working... figured out they were not fully installed correctly and had come loose. Then we noticed the drawers in the kitchen were sagging... after investigating, the rear mounting frame for the drawer rails was not mounted to anything... basically just floating .... any weight in the drawers just managed to sag the rear down. It was about the my wife noticed missing trim on the sides of the slideout holding the stove and refrigerator. She also noticed the microwave was about to fall off the wall because the screws holding it in had backed off and were about to come out...Can't wait to see what else is wrong!


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The first year of owning a new RV , for me always has been fixing everything the factory screwed up. Its an undertaking cause the issues are mechanical, electrical, plumbing etc. Sweeping up all the fiberglass, and sawdust, extra screws, dropped wire nuts and the list goes on and on. I feel for you, thankfully sounds as if your handy and can fix many of the smaller things yourself.
I have had the factory send me the warranty parts, and I have fixed most everything myself.
Agreed, unfortunately 1st year ownership of new rv is a shakedown period. Regardless of manufacturer or the price of unit, All have issues. We full time in a 2022 fuel 287 Toy Hauler. Been in the unit for 16 months and well, if your not mechanically inclined .. DO NOT FULL TIME RV!!! . You’ll go broke repairing unit in a shop or mobile rv tech. Warranty claims job is to find reasons not to cover repair. They’re good at their job. We haven’t had too many issues .. we have replaced kitchen and bathroom faucets. Rear vinyl Wall at patio. Water pump, motor to rear stabilizer jack, all the wires on gfi master outlet in bathroom were Loose. Now heartland is really good to send parts to you, so type can do repairs yourself. It’s it’s a Lippert product. Good luck, they’re horrible at warranty claims. Being full-timers, and wife a travel nurse. We don’t have time to go to a shop for repair. Lippert will not send you parts period!!!

I maintain our rv meticulously. Waxing rv every 3 months, softly cleaning roof every 2 months. I have put eternal bond tape on every seam on roof. This tape is amazing .. bottom line, rv maintenance is almost a full time job in itself lol..
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agreed there is a lot of work to an rv but the pure run around you get from heartland warranty is total BS the workmanship is terrible and so is there so called warranty department if people bought a new pick up with half the problems that company would be out of business . you spend 60+ 120000 dollars you should get a decent start . then the rest is up to the care of the owner . I have a 2021 elkridge nothing but crap !!! never ever get a heartland anything again .