Sewer Vent on Gateway


I have a 2016 3400SE Gateway and am trying to determine which rooftop vent to put the new cyclone vent cap on. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks


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It seems that the kitchen gray water tank has the most offensive odor followed by the black. IMO.
My first choice would be the kitchen gray.



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I had help putting mine on but the expert, Dave Seabolt, climbed on top and I flushed toilet and you could hear and feel the flush. from the top. This assures the correct one. If that makes sense. Good luck!


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Gray water smell is much worse than the black water. I was told this and can confirm. Don't ask.


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The vent stack should be right over the stool area. There should be one over the kitchen and bath/shower. Before you start removing stack covers...make sure its the vent stacks....not the roof vent.


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These were the best accessories I ever put on my 30 ft RV, which is the Camco Cyclone Rotating Sewer Vent. This product uses surrounding air to ensure foul odors get vented out because this model follows the wind’s movement through rotating an incredible 360 degrees. This cyclone RV vent has an easy installation process. I can instead attach this product using a sealant. I was thrilled to see this product offer some choices concerning its color scheme. It ensures buyers can choose an option capable of meshing with their rig’s roof without issues.
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