Sink in Island


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Our Island in the discontinued floor plan ( 3070RL) didn't have the sink in it instead it was positioned in the bathroom wall cabinet, I've learned living in the trailer for months on time when snowbirding that the island is a great workspace, with a sink it wouldn't be. Plus most plans don't have counter space on the bathroom wall. I know it's hard to give cabinet and counter space in limited floor space but that floorplan was a good one.
Now there has to be a negative, you couldn't get to the refer with the kitchen slide closed and that was a problem for us once when we couldn't get the slide open due to a hydraulic failure. So floorplan guys - there has to be folks out there that want a plan like the 3070 with a better location for the refer.


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Re: Snk in Island

We like our new BH3575el with the butlers pantry counter. Can get to both freezer doors and right side refer door with slides it. Chris



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On most of the newer floor plans you can get to the right fridge door and both freezer doors with the slides in.
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