Slide drawer above refrigerator


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That’s where we stash the potato chips and the Cheetos. No need for a drawer, although I’d thought about building one. Glad DW stashed stuff there now I have one less thing to do. 😉

Mark-Roberta 051995

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Very nice modification. I am sure you could build about 100 of them and sell them. I have nothing up there due to not being able to reach if the items slides to the back of the cabinet and it feels flimsy up there. The chip stash is a great idea.


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really nice job- I put rarely used items in the back - then use clear fridge bins with handle in front along with putting bread and chips up there


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I have this space and was thinking about raising the fridge and putting a drawer under it.


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Thanks for the nice comments. We will see how the drawer works this weekend. Leaving Charleston Virginia to see Monticello and surrounding sites. I’ll see how many times I need to get the step stool the help out my wife. Lol