Slides and Jacks Big Horn


Good Morning

Getting ready to pull out. Jacks wen up but won't go down.. front slides won't open. bedroom slide works


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Hi CookieRV,

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Sounds like your battery is depleted. If you have a volt meter (or can borrow one from a neighboring camper), measure across the battery terminals. When not on shore power, and not connected to the tow vehicle, you should read 12.6V on a fully charged battery. Below 12.0 volts will be a problem when it comes time to run the hydraulics pump to operate slides and jacks. (The bedroom slide may be running off a separate electric motor that takes less power.)

You can charge the battery directly with jumper cables, or hook up your tow vehicle and run at high idle for 20 minutes to see if the jacks start working again.

If the battery is low, there may be something else that needs to be investigated, depending on what you've been doing recently.