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We recently purchased a new 2021 Sundance XLT 294BH I am trying to figure out what drains to what tank. The trailer has two drain valves and I believe that the front one is the grey for the sink in the kitchen and the back is the black and grey for the bathroom however only one handle is grey and on the sensors there is only one space for grey with an Aux tank that ends up full. Any help would be appreciated


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The best way I know of to figure out what drains to what tank would be to empty all tanks and close the drain valves. Then get food coloring or just use water and turn on the kitchen sink first let it run and fill the tank for a while then go open each valve separately and see if water comes out and then annotate it and do that for each item your wondering about.

Also if you can see what size lines run to each drain valve you'll be able to tell which is the Grey water valve and which is the black water valve. The Grey water valve will have a smaller PVC line running to it and the black water valve will have a larger 3" PVC line running to it.

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