Storm Story

We have a 2011 3250TS. We are on our second outing w/it. Right now we are sitting on the east shoreline in Mass. The winds are coming directly out of the east at ~40kts. Which is about 46-48 mph I think. Gale warnings have been posted, and as I am looking out, the sea waves are about 8-10 feet.

Soooo, how is the 3250 doing??
I was concerned with the slide awnings ballooning up and shuttering and was afraid of damage so I brought all 3 slides in last night. The RV is shaking with the gusts but is otherwise doing fine. With the slides in we are able to use the bed(but not open the dresser drawers). The bathroom is totally accessable as is the frig, sink and most of the kitchen utility drawers. As I write this I am perched on the edge of the couch. All in all we are quite pleased with the access with the slides in and find the RV very liveable - if not totally convenient right now.
I don't know if bringing the slides in to protect the awnings was the right thing to do but it seemed prudent to me. If anyone knows when the wind is sufficient to retract slides I would appreciate knowing.
We have the electric fireplace operating as the temp is 49 degrees right now. It is keeping us quite toasty.
If any of you have had similar storm experience please share it with me as I have lots to learn.
PS - The wind is to subside later today.


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Wow, that's quite some gusts! We had high winds at Cape Hatteras, NC last Spring and some of the folks at the rally brought their slides in for safety. In both the Sundance we had at the time and our current Landmark, if we bring the slides in we can use the Bathroom, Bed, and open the refridgerator, but can't access the rest of the kitchen or the living area, so we leave our slides out. Haven't blown away yet.


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Hiyaandpappy - been there and done that. 2 years ago while vacationing on the coast of SC, we got caught up in a tropical storm coming in off the Atlantic. We did the same thing as you by pulling in all the slides, unplugged all the eletrical appliances including the microwave and waited out the storm. Lightning and very strong winds. It was a rocking 6 hours but the BC held up real well, storm pasted and we finished out the vacation.


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We have been in winds with gusts as high as 50 mph and have not brought in the slides. However the RV was sitting in the driveway during Hurricane Ike and Rita with winds as high as 107 mph and the slides were in. Some folks I have talked to even hook up to their TV and put their stabilizers and jacks down during high winds. Maybe someone at the factory knows the max winds units are tested to or maybe they are not tested for high winds.
Thanks to all for the input. The wind has now laid down to a little less than Mach ll. I have put the slides back out. This was an interesting event.
We too have weathered storm in the Outer Banks. We usually stay in Rodanthe/Waves/Salvo at the Ocean Waves CG. Its just a bit on the south side of Camp Hatteras CG and the KOA. There we took on a tropical storm for 2 days, but we had a 26ft. tag-along without any slides. Having slides is new for us.
Well, as they say,"all's well that ends well". No damage and we have learned how to deal with some bad weather.
Thanks again...stay safe.
Pappy (Mike)

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We were camped out last year and had a severe thunderstorm come up during the night. Winds hit 70 with gust and we had a 5 inch rain total. The Augusta stood it well and no water got in the coach. We did feel it moving while we were getting dressed to find a storm shelter. Luckily the worst passed and then it was just rain and 30-50 mph wind which didn't seem to bad after the squall line had woke us up. Felt pretty good about it after the fact.


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Last year on our way down and back from Elkhart we ran into Tornado Watches and we di the same pulled the slides in. The worst was in Fargo ND, we almost stopped in Moorehear but didn't like the raod into the campground and moved a little further. The Tornado appeared on the news to be very close to the campgroud at Moorehead. Glad we moved on. If we hadn't pulled the slides in I think we would have back in Indiana..../Doug