Suburban water heater sw6del

Ronald 68

No power to electric side, gas works fine, been told that a second switch is behind the grill outside but there is not a switch there not hidden or in plain sight, have a switch for electric water heater in the bathroom that light up but not a second switch anywhere please help


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Take the outside cover off the water heater . Look to the lower left behind the gas line tubing where it connects to the gas solenoid. The switch is there.

Ronald 68

No switch to be found


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Look under whatever cabinet your water heater sits under and make sure it is actually plugged in. On our week long shakedown trip with our m32 the electric side wasn't working and I metered everything and based on my results I figured out it wasn't plugged in. Sure enough under the sink the cord was just wrapped around the tank and just needed to be plugged in once I got everything out of the way.