T32 Specs


Where can I find the weight specs on the Torque T32? I was looking for total weight and tongue weight and if I was really lucky, tongue weight with the Onan 5.5 EFI generator.

I plan to carry it across the scales, but I was wondering before I get there...


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There should be a sticker near your door or in your door jamb that states the actual weight of the vehicle.. The weight should be accurate as I believe they install all the options first, then weight it.


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Weight specs are on the Heartlandrvs.com website. Torque is here. GVWR is 14,000. Hitch weight is 1,200. It also shows empty weight.

But the empty weight should be disregarded. And hitch weight is taken from an empty trailer with no options. Also, hitch weight will fluctuate as you load or unload toys in the back. So don't count on it.

As said earlier, inside your entry door frame, you should see a yellow sticker. The actual weight shown on that sticker is measured just before the trailer rolls out the door.