Thermostat problem


hello, I have a bighorn 3270 RS 2016, here is my problem: I have 2 air conditioning, one in the bedroom and the other in the living room, the one in the living room plus the heating function, I see that there is has 2 zones, 1 and 4 but I am not able to set it to zone 4, so I only have Fan and Cool mode… .. can you help me reprogram my thermostat to have the Furnaise function… .. Thanks in advance965508AB-766E-4C45-81A7-54CF29D9AD94.jpeg


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While the air conditioner came with a multi-zone thermostat, it's wired to one unit only, and has one temperature sensor. So the other 3 zones are not used. With respect to the furnace, only one of the thermostats in your trailer operates the furnace.

It's theoretically possible to add sensors, relays, and wiring to do what you want, but the difficulty level would be pretty high.


I understand very well that only a thermostat operates the furnace, my second operation is fine, it is my furnace that no longer appears ... I believe that programming is my problem !!!!!!! everything had been working since 2016 …… .. now more communication… .. hope I am explaining myself….


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If your furnace mode is missing on your thermostat and your only seeing AC or fan as a selectable option, try changing the fan mode from "high" or "low" to "auto" instead and then see if the furnace option becomes available again.

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