Time for new tires on my F150 and believe I should get LT tires since I tow a travel trailer that is close to the trucks capability.


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I am looking a new tires for my F150. Currently it has Wrangler fortitude tires 275/65r18 as the stock tire on the 2019 truck. While I rather like the ride and noise level of the tires, they have been prone to trailer sway since I "bumper pull" my RE275. I have found if I air them up to 50psi, from the recommended truck data of 38, the sway is eliminated so I was advised in a previous conversation to look for "LT" tires where I can increase from that level even more to further stiffen the tires.

That being said, I like the Michelin defender since it appears a lot like the tires I have in terms of tread, but noticed even on that, one of them was rated a different PSI than the other and assume maybe one is a true LT tire and the other maybe not.
The one with the 80 PSI rating is the LT275/65 R18 123R BSW - I assume that is the one the guys here are recommending.
The other one is 275/65R18 116T which is just the passenger version from what I can ascertain.

That being said, do any you guys recommend a tire you have been bumper pulling a trailer about 30 feet or more with and have had good results?

A second question, If I get the LT tire, when not towing, should I air it up only to the vehicle specs of aprox 40 PSI and then go more toward say 60 (the LT is rated for 80) or so when towing? Or will the lower pressure damage the tire somehow even though the original tires were happy there?

(BTW, Please dont change this to a proper trailer loading, hitch adjustment, tongue weight post, I have done all of that and rehashed it many times, at this point, I just wanted to limit the discussion to the tires)



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. I have used these Goodyear Wrangler tires on my 1978 Ford F-150. These truck tires are great for typical city and highway use. If you want an offroad tire they don't have deep lugs for wet soil or sand grip. These tires are for all-around conditions and not for extreme conditions. They ride smoothly and get decent mileage.
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LT tires are just a heavier sidewall tire than what you have now... a different design which works better for varied weight hauling capabilities.

you can find different brands and air pressure ratings, and the LT tire will do you a better job of dampening the sponginess that you are experiencing with your current tires..

FYI.... the "vehicle specs" are ONLY for the tire type and model of what came on the vehicle from the factory... if you are going to a different type/brand of tire, use the specs that are embossed ON the new tires..... your tire dealer can help you with this, with the exception that most of the young guys working in tire shops have no experience towing, so they generally know nothing about how to create the most pleasant towing experience... and each "tow and towed" vehicle is different in what needs to be added, removed or adjusted, to create the best conditions for the purpose...
I run BFG's or Michelin tires.... but I have also ran toyo, hankook and cooper tires over the years, and in my OPINION, these 5 are the best LT tire brands for heavy duty highway applications..