time to say Good-by.


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Linda and I have had two heartlands, but our last (2013 Bighorn 3010) was our favorite. Other than that we have had 3 other rigs, starting out with a Travel Supreme, back in 1996 when they would customize a rig for you.

We used 5th wheels to travel our sales territory since 1996, covering 10 states. Every so often we'd turn left and go out to Utah or somewhere else to sit for a month.

What a joy it was to travel and be associated with Heartland, and this great group of folks.

In 2016/7 we noticed most of our customers did not have time for visits any longer so we parked our 3010 up in Maggie Valley, NC and spent the summer there with a few trips out by car to see the limited customers who had time.

My input, over the last couple of years, was minimal due to very few problems since the rig was up on blocks. But at least once a week I'd check in to see what was going on. Lot of the main contributors, back in our active days have left. I think maybe only one gentleman (work450?) out in California and Cookie are the only ones left. But between them and (Dan I remember specifically) they were great companions as we traveled down the road....and lots of good advice.

Thank you fella's.

Probably the most interesting thing that happened in our 25 years of travel was parking on the side of an interstate (in MI) for a long overdue bathroom break. When we tried to open the rigs door, we where "electrically shocked". Come to find out there was a multiple KVA electrical transmission line next to the road that was inducing a current in the aluminum frame. Needless to say we did not use the bathroom but found another spot (not so HOT) down the road. I write it up and several told me how it worked.

Probably another highlight was when Linda and I were interviewed on Good Morning America back in 1998. They were looking to interview people who were working on the road. That was great fun too.

But, we loved Maggie Valley so much we decided to build a house up here and sell out in Florida. House was finished this spring so we have sold the rig to someone else. To add to our pleasure our youngest son is a Pastor over in Chattanooga and our oldest is retiring from the Navy this month after 28 years, and is settling in the Atlanta area. So it's nice the kids and grandkids are close to what we are calling our "last house".

Thanks to all who help us down the road for many years. The users group (was it Jim that started it....can't remember) but it was run great and a lot of great participation.

Best to all,

Gary Powell