Tire and wheel valve stems - the make sure you get a metal stem myth


After reading another post stating "make sure you get metal valve stems" I figured it was time for an explanation.

ALL "Schrader" type valve stems used in automotive, light truck and trailers are "Metal". Even the cheapest stems have metal stems. The difference is in the type of installation and pressure ratings. Rather then completely plagiarize the work of others, attached are two good web articles that explain the differences.

But, in a nutshell, the differences are in pressure ratings (up to 65 psi, 65-100, 100+) and in the way they mount. Two types of pull through "snap in" and "clamp" type.

The clamp type are mostly metal, but still use a rubber seal ring. This is the valve stem that is recommended for those using the external screw on TPMS sensors AND required for those of us running the 110 PSI plus tires.

BTW, there is a huge difference in price. About $.30 for apiece for the basic stem to about $3.50 a piece for the clamp type.

Which ever valve stem you have, metal stem caps are strongly recommended.

Flaming accepted with a grin :rolleyes:


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Check your trailer spares, then. Our spare had a valve stem like the first picture, and flexed until it failed with a TPMS sensor on it.

Our original trailer wheels (Tredit T3) had the second picture, and I could see marks on the wheels where the valvestem was flexing with the TPMS.

I now have the third picture type.

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