Torn between North Trail and a North Country


I would like to hear some thoughts on this, just a little torn between two.
We have been looking for a while at different campers and we've come to a point where we could use some other input.
We have been looking at a 2010 NC30FKS and a 2011 NT31RED
My wife and I like both models but the 30FKS seems to fit us best.
Both are within our price range and weight.

I'm curious if you had to choose which would you go with.
We will keep this camper for many years and take it a lot of different places all year long.
How it does in different climates is important, durability, and ease of maintenance, basic questions I know..Just trying to make sure were not missing anything

Thanks for any suggestions!!


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I really like both floor plans. I know the North Trail is fiberglass/aluminum and a local dealer told me the North Country is stick/tin so I haven't looked at them (light weight is a big concern for us). What makes the NC heavier? If it's upgrades such as solid countertops I'd lean that way. Otherwise I'd go with the NT. I'm partial toward the NT because we've been doing a lot of shopping and North Trail's tough stuff. It is the only light weight TT to my knowledge that's roof is strong enough to hold several people (Nascar fan). That says a lot for its construction.


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We went with the North Trail because of the light weight and the strength of the trailer. We wanted a trailer that will last for a long time. We believe that the North Trail is that trailer. Its a great trailer.