Truck now sitting 99.9% of time.....suggestions while it is


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So I bought a lil 4 banger car to go to work.......a whopping 2 miles. Truck now sits idles 99.9% of time which is ok by me given the 2 miles (LOL). Just before it got "parked", I topped it off w/ fuel and treated it as well. Bought a 5amp Battery Tender, so the batts are ok in that aspect. Until I need to take sled trailer to dealer in April and file cabinet to wife's work, it won't get used a lot and a little more once RV season hits. I have tire covers from previous vehicle. Front doors and w/s have aux tint on them. Back doors and rear window, factory tint.

What are some ideas and suggestions you could make that I should or shouldn't do? Unable to put into garage here at house (too big and too much stuff in it). The idea of a cover sounds nice, but not w/ the wind. Storage is out of the question. Add the insul reflective stuff behind all glass? Good wash/wax or get it detailed? Cab fresh for cab and engine compartment? Anything for the fuel? Oil/fuel filters changed last Dec or so I believe.



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Sounds like you have done everything. Just like the RV, when things around here set for a period of time, be mindful of rodents moving in. My tow rig a RAM 2500 sets many months of the year as well, as it really is only used to haul the fiver around. Battery tender is the most important thing on my list. I will admit though I do keep my truck in my barn.


Pop the hood every so often and check for mice! Scatter mothballs around/under the vehicle (or put them in an open container) anything to keep the fuzzies away (even in the garage the ****things got under the hood of our almost-daily-driver and chewed up some wiring)