Trying my hand at travel video editing. I need your help!!!


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[FONT=&quot]Hello all, I am trying to step up my game with video and graphics editing design. I am offering my services for free right now. I’m needing video footage to practice with. You will get the finalized video. So if you have multiple videos from your travels, party’s or other memorial events then send me a message and I will share a Google folder that we can transfer the footage. No media will be shared on any platform. That will be left up to you if you want it on Facebook or Youtube....etc... So message me and let’s get all those video clips in one place and save them memories.[/FONT]


Starting out in video editing can be quite a journey. I remember when I was learning, I offered to edit videos for my friends for free. They sent me all sorts of clips - from birthday parties to weekend getaways. :) It was a fun challenge piecing together their memories into something cool they could share.

When I was getting my feet wet, I found really helpful. It was easy enough for a beginner like me but had enough features to let me experiment and get creative. I learned a lot just by playing around with different tools and watching a few tutorials. Definitely a good place to start if you’re looking to step up your video editing game.
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