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Thanks Jim

You mentioned that the dealer is really what can make the difference. That is what I am partially concerned about. One other person here on this board purchased form the same dealer that we have and aluded to the fact that the dealer wasn't knowledgeable enough to solve a problem with a hot water heater that wasn't filling. Anyway it turned out to be the bypass was set the wrong way from the factory and the poster found out how to fix it here on this board. My (his) dealer wasn't smart enough to figure it out. If our unit comes in with lots of problems, I really question that the dealer will be able to solve any of them. In our part of the country Heartland's dealership network is pretty thin. Our selling dealer is 120 miles away and the next nearest is 225 miles. So, I doubt that we will get much help from dealers, certainly not near. Guess all we can do is keep our fingers crossed.
Thanks for your quick reply. :D
Tom and Bobbi
P.S. Slaytop -- Yes I am an Nscale model reailroader. I am a narrow gauge nut and am currently working on an Nn3 version of the Cumbres and Toltec Railroad that runs between Chama NM and Antonito Co.


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I rode Cumbres and Toltec east to west and thought it was a great trip. I had one n scale Conrail engine and recently purchased an oval to run it. I also have HO, O, and G scale but not enough room to run them right now.
Thanks for coming on board our Heartland forum.
User's Manual

I would certainly be interested in having a "useful" Owner's Manual for my 2006 Big Horn. The only thing I have is a manual for a Landmark.......sure would make my life easier to have a manual that actually is for the Big Horn!
Don Robbins

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videoing the How to's

Hubby and I are going to video the how to operate our Grand Canyon....We go through it on Monday....can not wait....what a wonderful Easter gift.:)