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How long are you staying there ? i go there regularly - thy only re-opened the majority of it a few months ago - was thinking of tryig to get up there next weekend- btw there is a great hamburger shack not far from the park on 306 towards 35 just before the river - if your interested ill look up name and address

Potters Creek Park (COE) on Canyon Lake in the hill country of Texas. Peaceful and the weather sure beats Michigan!

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We will most likely stay put here at least another week and possibly until after the new year. We're always looking for good eateries to try.

How far away are you?

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Our campsite at Seabreeze RV Resort at Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station, CA. Moving day

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How far away are you? about an hour in sa - was palnning on maybe going there this weekend if spots avail -

this palce has great hoemade burgers and sides - not to far when leaving park turn right on 306 towards 35-ne braunfels and its a small blue shack with picnic tables between the 2 river crossings - highly recommend for burgers - they have 4.9 on yelp etc out of 5

also on other side of lake is antler restaurant bee in business like 30+ years really good chicken fried steak and handmade friedmushrooms - enchiladas are good as well
[h=1]Jay & Diane's Horseshoe Grill[/h]Burger Restaurant



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We went to Grand Ecore RV Park in Natchitoches, LA last weekend. It is owned by the Red River Waterway Commission and has park hosts. It is a beautiful park and well spaced between sites. It has a very nice party room and the bath facilities are incredible. 24/7 access with your gate code. WiFi although we didn't try it. It has a playground for kids. The only downside is no swimming pool. The rates are $40/nite for full hookups, 50/30, water, sewer. Very clean and well maintained. The hosts live on site and will help 24/7. It is 4 miles E of Natchitoches, LA which is the oldest settlement in Louisiana, Est. 1714. Downtown is beautiful and OLD, with brick roads. They are famous for their meat pies and the Christmas Festival, this was the 92nd year. Beautiful light show in downtown with fireworks show Sat nite and snow machines along the main street, Christmas music from speakers. If you want to attend the Christmas Festival the first weekend in December is the Parade etc but this park was booked for 2019 when they left from 2018. We were there the second weekend and booked in July for December.

First picture is the map of the park, only 59 sites. Second is our Cyclone, views of park, and downtown. My navigator took me thru downtown and it was tight.


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Cliff, thanks for the photos of this park. We're having the Louisiana chapter rally there in March. Never been there and looking forward to going.


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its a rough life but someone has to do it ��


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Hopefully the correct one came through too. I hold my iPhone with the camera button on the bottom and it stores the pictures upside down if transferring to another post. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


Thanks, everyone, for posting pics in this thread. Gotta couple new places to go see now!

I'll donate a few pics from NM. We go there fairly often. This is Elephant Butte near Truth or Consequences. It's a shame to watch the lakes level dropping almost every year.

elephant butte 3.jpg

Here is Oliver Lee Memorial.

oliver lee 4.jpg

Hope this thread keeps going!


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Thanks, everyone, for posting pics in this thread. Gotta couple new places to go see now!

I'll donate a few pics from NM. We go there fairly often. This is Elephant Butte near Truth or Consequences. It's a shame to watch the lakes level dropping almost every year.

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Here is Oliver Lee Memorial.

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Hope this thread keeps going!

I love Elephant Butte...almost moved there, but ended up in Arizona instead.

Took these there:

ProwlerHunkeredDown-P4111966.jpg FlagsHalfMastBabsBush.jpg ArmyTowVehicle.jpg

MoonRiseSunSetNM2016sm-IMG_4633.jpg ElephantButteSunrise2018-P4100329.jpg

Click to enlarge...

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This was Badlands National Park last week...

Here is one I took there a few years back...



We recently completed a trip to UT and AZ. I thought it would be fun to post photos taken from the perspective of your campsite. Not necessarily photos of the RV but photos taken from somewhere on the campsite.

Our 1st stop was at Gouldings in Monument Vally. We stayed a couple days there and made a nice day trip. The next 5 photos are from our campsite at Kodachrome Basin State Park in UT. Next to last is at Lake Havasu City where we had beachfront property due to our participation in the event with Lucas Oil. The last stop on this tour was at Firebird lake where we worked at the Napa World Finals. I would say we enjoyed some outstanding scenery and whomever it was that recommended Kodachrome Basin to us, we thank you.

Please feel free to add your own "Views from the Campsite"

We love camping on water. Here are some photos of our recent stay on Lake Lanier in GEORGIA

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Leaving Ellsworth AFB and I was told to use the contractor gate when I left this Sunday morning.

Huston we have a problem!
They said they would send someone to open up the gate. LOL

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upon arrival at texas motor speedway- greeted by a short rainstorm- then a double rainbow- and a black widow spider that was living in the power pedestal where water connection exits- glad I turned on first to flush water and came out to see what was moving the web IMG_1763.jpgIMG_1765.jpgIMG_1767.jpg