EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: AZ, Lake Havasu - 1/10/2017 to 1/15/2017

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You were indeed very much missed.....lots of talk around the campfire and the Margarita fountain about what if JohnD was here! Yep we created a few new drinks and JimB made a special drink in your honor! Guess you will have to try it next time we meet....the ingrediants are still a secret as Jim's Great, Great, Great Grandfather passed it to him....So cannot post it here!

See you and Cathy in NM....

Safe Travels.


Gary, It was I Carl Lemmel that won the wine tasting. Although I do not imbibe myself I have a wife and her many friends that really appreciated the win. Great rally, we had a good time and appreciate your hard work in planning and running it. See you in Pueblo CO. or maybe before.


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Thank you! I just needed the name for my records....It was great seeing you again and can't wait for the Pueblo Rally....Safe Travels...


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I am so happy, fun times, great people and great prize, unfortunately I can't figure out how to insert the photo. Trust me though, it works fantastic, thanks Camping World


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Happy you like the fire pit you won....See you in April....bring it along so we can check it out.
Are you arriving early at Kartchner???


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Now that we are back home and things have settled down a bit...we wanted to let you know how much we appreciated all your hard work and enjoyed your rally. It was certainly one of the best!!! I dont think I will ever forget the 70's Scavenger Hunt!!! Thanks so much again....looking forward to Pueblo!!!!

Anthony & Linda


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Anthony & Linda;

Thank you so very much for the nice words! I appreciate your involvement with the Scavenger Hunt and staying up til midnight dyeing you shirts for the 70's look!

Get ready for Pueblo as I have something very special in mind and your performance will be a highlight during one of the evening events!
Safe Travels till we meet in Pueblo!


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Thanks Jim. I had actually read the edit, but I thought it was Garry's edit and he had fixed the link.

MrsFish: Correction... When he's (Jim) good, he's good!


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Hi Garry, could you post Sonny's contact information for the Joy Rider system.
Thanks so much.
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