Water heater in the winter


Bought a new to us 2019 LM 365 Newport with Yeti. Does that heat the water heater too? How do I protect the water heater while camping in the winter?


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Yeti has heaters on waste and fresh water tanks, heater on fresh water line to/from tank as well as extra insulation in front cap. At least that’s the way is was on my 2016 BH. If you’re camping your water heater should be on so so Yeti heater required.

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Just so you know, you need to keep about 1/3 of those tanks full with the tank heaters on or you run the risk of melting the tanks. I had a yeti equipped big horn, and landmark and found it to be really of no use for me. Again only the fresh water line from the tank to the camper is protected, but none of the other water runs are. If you have the water "on" it of course will be fine, as it will be running at around 140 degrees on its own.