water pressure regulator ?


In my 2012 RBQB is there a water pressure regulator someplace in city water hookup. I would love to remove as camp pressure is regulated and we don't travel.


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I have a bighorn and it does not have a pressure regulator. Your system is only designed to use at Max 50 psi. I personally use an adjustable pressure regulator for my own well being. Unless you have checked the pressure you probably should use a regulator. Not all city water pressure is going to be the same. I was hooked up to a system and found out it was running at 160 psi. had a filter hooked up in front of the reg. it broke at a seam. thus I always run a regulator


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Pretty sure your unit does not have a built in regulator. Are you using water filters? These can reduct the pressure. Also check the screens at the faucet. Some times debris can plug these and reduce pressure. Good luck.


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Unless you've got something totally new, there are no filters or regulators installed on new HL trailers. But, as mentioned, having a quality, adjustable regulator (with pressure gage) is most desireable. Water filtration, particularly a dual canister system, is also something to consider. But, if you have low volume/pressure and don't have anything connected inline, then look at the screens and reducers in the plumbing fixtures for debris and restrictions. Some of the reducers are nothing more than a plastic disc with pin holes in it.


I've been through all the screens and faucets. Removed all the debris from the screens and faucets aerators but the kitchen faucet with pull out head is very very weak. I drilled out metal plug restrictor at spray end but read farther back in forum that there is one at other end. Opened up the hole in bathroom shower restrictor that helped a lot. Any other ideas would be great. Thanks folks :D And no I don't use a filter great water and we don't travel.


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I'm guessing that you are looking for more water pressure.
You said that the CG has their system regulated.
Are they supplying enough pressure to your rig?
Only using a pressure gauge will tell for sure.



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Home Depot or maybe Lowes has a neat little hose cap with a 200# guage. Screws right on the hydrant. If all else fails make your own with hose to pipe, bushings and a 200# guage. I'm setting with city pressure at 95 # and it wipes out the little camco inline regs. Went with a Watts H56 and so far it works. 40# of pressure is plenty in a shower.