Welcome Alabama's Newest Members


Retired Alabama Chapter Leaders
Please join me in welcoming our newest Alabama chapter members, Chipper & Mary Brown of Abbeville, AL (adb). Chipper & Mary are the proud owners of a 2017 Gateway.
Chipper & Mary, we’re glad you decided to join the Heartland Owners Club and look forward to meeting you both soon!

Everyone please extend a warm welcome to Chipper & Mary.


Founding Louisiana Chapter Leaders-Retired
Welcome from swla. Ironic that that our newest members are from Abbeville LA (not lower Alabama...lol).

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Welcome to the group! You'll really like all the info and get together's that are available thru HOC. Let us know when you are in the Montgomery area.

'Lil Guy'

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Congrats on your new rig and welcome to the Heartland family. Hope to met you down the road.


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Welcome to the club Chipper & Mary. You will meet a great group of owners and have fun along the way!

Congrats and all the best,


retired Oregon Chapter Leaders
Welcome Chipper and Mary to the Heartland family from the Pacific Region, Southern Oregon. Welcome to the forum, any questions you
may have there is a wealth of information and answers here. Look forward to catching you at a Rally one day. :rolleyes: Safe travels.



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Welcome, Hope to meet ya'll at a rally. And our Gateway numbers can equal the Big Country and Big Horn numbers. lol Hope ya'll enjoy and safe travels.


Thanks to everyone for all the welcomes. We just got back yesterday, from our first little outing to Pigeon Forge Tn with our grandson. It was a 4 day trip of about 800 miles and was a learning experience to say the least. I learned that I hate truck stops, Atlanta, Chattanooga and Knoxville have rough roads, my hot water is inconsistent, my upper toilet spits at me (and sinks) and my 11yr old grandson already knows more about the camper than I do. We had a great time, learned a lot and are working towards the next trip/rally???