Welcome to our newest HOC members


California-N Chapter Leaders-retired
We have four new California North chapter members! We are excited to have them join and we look forward to meeting everyone in the near future. We have sent you our contact information so feel free to contact us anytime. Take a look at the rally page and see if you can attend one of the rallies. They are so much fun. Safe travels everyone.

Our newest members are:

Bob & Karen Ellenberg - BobTheBuilder
John & Beverly DeVriend - Placer1551
Rick & Teressa Carter - wwtpo3
Bryan & Cindy Larsen - blarsen1

Lets give them a big Heartland welcome.

Chuck & Donna


Pacific Region Directors-Retired
Welcome Bob and Karen, John and Beverly, Rick and Teressa and Bryan and Cindy!!! We are looking forward to meeting you all and hope you can join us at an upcoming rally soon. You guys are blessed with having Chuck and Donna as your chapter leaders. They are very amazing people who care about the club and their members!

Rod and Kelly

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Founding Nevada-North Chapter Leader-Retired
A big Nevada welcome to our neighboring states newest members. You have great Chapter Leaders in Donna & Chuck. Look forward to meeting all of you at a future rally, sooner than later.
George & Laura
Nevada-North Chapter Leaders


Retired Oregon HOC
Welcome from your neighbors from the north. We hope to meet you sometime during our travels.
Kristy and Mark


retired Oregon Chapter Leaders
Welcome to our newest members!! Looking forward to meeting you all, hope maybe at one of the up coming Rallies.



Well-known member
Welcome to all our new members. Hope to meet everyone at a rally in 2018!
Jim & Linda Kelly

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