WHERE is the beef -oops I Mean FUSE BOX


We have a Heartland 2008 - 28 footer 2 slides - Sundance. The front electric supports stopped due to a short when I replaces a switch. So it popped a fuse - but I am unable to ascertain where this fuse is. The 12 Volt Fuse Box by the fridge is OK with nothing blown. Does anyone have an answer. Thanks Ken. You can send reply direct to me at ken@cramb.ca As I am not really familiar with the operation of these sites.


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I will answer here and email as well.
Your vintage landing gear will also have an online fuse. You will need to trace the wires from the switch.
Whenever you work on any electrical, 12 volt or 120 volt be sure to disconnect the power. Unplug from shore power and disconnect the neutral battery cable.
Also if you are not familiar with the forum it would be to your advantage to frequent and learn. There is a ton of valuable information available.