Where might short circuit be?

Found it rather quickly using the tool recommended by @mlpeloquin and described by @centerline . Thanks! It's hilarious. First of all, I don't give a rats body part about the external speakers having red LED backlighting. Second of all, why in the world would that external light be on the same switch as the one that controls the indirect lighting above the slide? Anyway, that's the offending shorted wire, the one to those speakers. That wire is now cut in half, capped off on both ends, labeled well, the two ends taped near one another for some future owner that cares, then dropped back inside the wall behind the switch.


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Great to hear of successful outcomes to perplexing problems!!!
Too many posters go away and don't share the problem cause and fix before abandoning the thread.

BTW, the worst short I ever had to find in the trailer was an INTERMITTENT short on the refrigerator 12 vdc circuit that would blow the refrigerator 12 volt DC fuse in the fusepanel while travelling down the road. Refig and fuse would be OK when you departed on a trip, and when you got to your destination fuse was blown, refig was OFF. Replace fuse, refig again works OK. Finally while trying to find the problem while parked in a storage yard, I had the refrigerator lower back panel off, shook the refrig (maybe out of frustration) from the inside, heard a small click noise, and the fuse blew. A close inspection of the rear of the refrig found the 12 vdc supply wire pulled TIGHTLY around the square corner edge of the refrigerator metal (grounded) baseplate to the point that the wire insulation had worn off on the inside of the cornering wire, out of sight. That was where the supply wire was rubbing and shorting while bouncing down the roads.
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What you need is a TDR.....lol, expensive. I used to have one that I used for TSCM sweeps but sold it when I retired. You might have to do some deep digging to find out where that wire goes. Good luck and have fun.