Where to stay in New Orleans for attending 2019 RV Show?


We are making plans for the trip south last week of Feb 2019. Are there any recommendations on campgrounds and RV Parks in and around NOLA for that time of year.

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HI edmar,

Are you looking for a place to camp or actually going to a RV show?

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Since Madi Gras is in March that year, the parades will be going full swing in February. It may be hard to find a spot in the city. We go down there every year but we do not stay in NOLA. We always stay at the Pine Crest RV park in Slidell. Its about a $20 uber ride into the city.


Jim and Short Straw. Thanks for the answer. We will be going for both reasons. The attending of the RV Show at the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner is primary but we thought NOLA might be a good place to camp away from No Arkansas. The show is Feb 22 - 24 with a couple of extra days thrown in we will make a good trip of it. We have not been to the area and are looking for a good place to set camp.


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We’ve been to N’Orleans half a dozen times and always stay at Fontainbleu State Park across Lake Poncetrain from N’Orleans, about 25 miles across the causeway.

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We stayed here twice, both times in January, based on another Heartlander’s recommendation. We like it. Although remote, so to speak, they have a shuttle to downtown NOLA.
Recommend a reservation. You’ll save a bunch if you have Passport America


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