Wifi restrictions? Pioneer model


Hey guys, I was just wondering if there were any restrictions on getting good wifi in your rv? Is there something blocking or cutting access to wifi? Even when I park outside of my home my phone will cut in and out of my wifi and art signal even. This happened at a recent campground as well. When I was inside my rv I got limited to no wifi/5g. When I stopped outside of the trailer I got 3-4 bars. I know it's not range on my wifi or poor signal, it's something blocking or restricting the signal. Does anyone know so I can help this out? Thanks!


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Does your Pioneer have aluminum exterior siding? If so, that will restrict to some degree, all wireless signals.

If your home router supports it, create a separate 2gHz WiFi network and connect to it from the RV. The lower frequency of the 2 gHz band is better for distance and obstructions vs the 5 gHz band.


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Your router should be able to broadcast both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands. 2.4Ghz is slower but can travel through walls easily. The 5Ghz band is faster, but it doesn't travel through walls very well. RV's outer walls are metal and that sometime limits 5Ghz bands ability to penetrate the walls.

We solve this problem by using a WiFi booster from WiFiRangers. It captures the signal from outsite the RV and then you rebroadcast that inside your RV. Great solution!!