Wilderness RV Mattress


If you're thinking about buying a Wilderness RV Mattress for your RV bed......DON'T! We purchased ours and immediately had issues with it. The middle of the mattress was sunk in so badly it felt like our feet were elevated. I thought it was just that the bed hadn't completely come to shape after being compressed for shipping.....boy was I wrong!!! The middle of the bed has been lumpy and there is no support in that area. I laid a yardstick over the area to show that the material has peaks and valleys when it should be smooth & firm across that area.....
I've had a battle with this mattress since the day I put it on my bed......This was not the only issue!! When I took the pictures to send to the person I was dealing with, I found out the layers on the bed had shifted so badly, they top layer was hanging way out over the bottom layer.....This person I was emailing IMMEDIATELY jumped on the fact that I must have spilled something on the mattress that soaked thru......that was his justification for not helping me solve the problem even tho the issues began when I first bought the mattress! He basically told me that something had "soaked thru" the mattress and caused it to fail.......his justification was the pic of my husband holding the mattress up so he could see the support underneath, when I explained that was shadow from the overhead light, he kept on about something soaking thru......this mattress would have had to have gone thru a flood for it to degrade this badly and I can definitely tell you we have not used our RV as a submarine or Noah's Ark! Everything seemed to be my fault.....not the workmanship of their product, it had to be something I did!
I brought up how I didn't initially believe all the negative reviews I had seen and went ahead and purchased it anyway, he stated that those were just people who were "mad because they didn't like the answer they got".......this is how you do customer service.....blame the customer???
So this is my recommendation and no I'm not "mad" that I didn't like his answer (as he stated) but am disappointed that I contacted them for a solution (i.e. is there something I need to do to fix the middle, can I take the cover off and see what's going on, etc) and was treated like I set fire the mattress and was trying to scam them to give me my money back......I don't care about the money I just wanted a solution! Help me, don't accuse me!!!


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For my Bighorn, I just bought a regular Queen mattress from Costco.
It was a little challenging getting it in place but worth the effort.


For my Bighorn, I just bought a regular Queen mattress from Costco.
It was a little challenging getting it in place but worth the effort.
Do you have a King or Queen platform? I'm wondering if a Queen size wouldn't fit that space better?....I just went with an RV Short King because the old mattress was a King......there's not a lot of room to get on either side of the bed and the slide where the head of the bed is, is pretty deep.....half of the bed sits inside the slide......I'm going to take some measurements of the actual platform and check out the dims of a queen.....Thanks for giving me another avenue on this!