Winterize a 5th wheel in Tacoma WA for full time rving…


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New to Rving…
Living in my 5th wheel
2016 big horn 3160

Would appreciate any tips on what I need to do before winder arrives
I watched several YouTube videos , but we won’t be in long term Snow.
  • 2-7 days of snow per year, with snow only sticking for 2-3 days usually.
  • 2-4 scattered weeks per winter with daytime averages in the mid 40s, and night time temperatures dipping into the low 30s or high 20s
  • 4 - 8 weeks per winter we cover exposed pipes or outdoor faucets on our house to prevent freezing and pipe damage with evening temperatures occasionally dipping down into a freezing range.
  • Doesn’t not regularly fall below 25 degrees during the year.


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Same answer as the couple in Southern Indiana:

Depending on how cold it would get and for how long, it may be best to dump then put the sewer hose up. You probably will not be able to insulate the sewer hose, so any liquid in it will freeze, along with any solids in it. I intend the "How long" to also include how many hours overnight it will be in the 20's or below freezing temps.
I would also get a large propane tank installed, so you so not have to pull your tanks every other day to refill.
You may want to consider a skirting around the rig, to help stay warm.