View Full Version : M21 improvements

08-22-2009, 08:44 AM
Table top storage:
The table top can be stored in the same place as it normally sets if Heartland supplies another set of legs only 6" long or the owner makes a set of legs 1.5" x 1.5" x 6".:D Gently put the table onto these legs and close the slide. The top is out of the way & under the bench.:cool:
Leg storage:
Get a small box and cut 2 holes 2" x 2" on opposite sides. This allows you to store the legs while traveling without the legs rolling all over.:)
Door Left open:
Becareful about leaving the door open with the adjacent window open.
The door hits the window and chips the paint on the door.:(
Heartland needs to put a positive door stop, as the rubber bumpers have too much give.:D A temporary solution is to replace the round rubber stop on the trailer with a bigger harder square stop.:cool:
Bench edge:
A bumper is needed on the sides of the bench. If care is not exercised when moving between the seat & the bed, the shins take a beating.:mad:
A rubber strip will solve this problem. You'll still be prone to bump your shins but hopefully it will not hurt as much!!:o