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10-07-2009, 01:24 PM
Hi! We were just at the Chatham Rally and we signed up to become a member. With the membership came a free 1 year membership to Passport America or $15 off a renewal. I called to take them up on their offer. We are not a current member of Passport America, but we were, at one time so that put us out, right away, to get the free year. It's the renewal that doesn't seem fair to me. I get these offers in the mail to renew for $29 for one year plus 3 months all the time. The operator said if we used the $15 off it would be off the regular renewal rate of $44. I tried to explain to her that, that wasn't really $15 off I could get the same offer out of my mailbox, but she didn't want to hear it and never budged. So if you have been a member of Passport America be fore warned that certificate is basically worthless. :confused:
Mary, Traveler 44

10-07-2009, 01:29 PM

Sorry to hear you had trouble. Being a former PPA member is not a scenario I anticipated - so I am unsure of the real process.

I have sent this to John Joseph, our Passport America rep for clarification. I'll post the clarification here when I receive it.

Great meeting you both at the IL rally.


10-07-2009, 03:39 PM
Mary, sorry to hear about the PA problem. We had renewed our membership with PPA just prior to receiving our club membership kit. When the kit arrived, I called PPA and without hesitation, they extended our renewal an additional six months. Hope you get your membership worked out to your satisfaction. CJ

10-13-2009, 09:29 AM

I heard back from Passport America on this issue with clarification of their offer to Heartland Owners Club members. The offer is and remains as follows:
- Free membership to new PPA members plus shipping
- $15 discount on renewal to existing members

I learned that past members are kept on the PPA list for 2 years and in that time, qualify for renewal rates. My sense is you fall into that segment.

So, as a past member, in order to qualify as a new member and thereby qualify for the free membership, you may need more time as a non-current PPA member.

These are their rules - not mine.

As for the even better offers you get in the mail - I cannot speak to that other than so encourage you to use them if you are seriously interested in renewing your PPA membership. Please understand that I cannot control PPA's offers directly to their member and former member base.

Thank you.


02-27-2010, 11:04 AM
I see this is an old post but I'll share my 2 cents worth.

I have used my free 1 year Passport America (PA) membership extensively. Being a Army retiree, my first choice is to stay at military RV camps. If there isn't one near my destination, I look for a PA RV campground. Although my first year PA was free, I am definitely renewing my membership. If I paid the full membership price, it still would have been paid for on my first week stay. So if you only get $15 off of membership, use it; it's well worth it.