Norcold Fridge Not Working

Hey all! So, myself and my husband are at a total loss for what to do here.

We bought a new-to-us 2015 Heartland Gateway 365BH and this is our 2nd winter in it and the fridge is already on the fridge and I’m about ready to set stuff on fire. So, last year we noticed that when it got really cold outside -15C and lower, the fridge and freezer wouldn’t work. We tried running it on propane and that wouldn’t work. We figured out how to reset the fridge and got to use JUST the fridge portion of the fridge over the winter but the freezer was out.

Both fridge and freezer worked fine all summer long.

We’ve just had our first snow, and it hasn’t even been that cold and the fridge and freezer stopped working. I checked the breakers, nothing is tripped; checked the big electrical plug at the back of the trailer outside and it looks like it’s plugged all the way in - I have it an extra shove, just in case. Hubby took the outside panels off of both the fridge and freezer yesterday and unplugged the fridge - I just plugged it back it in, so hopefully it’ll get cool on there shortly.

But srsly … aside from buying a backup fridge that we can plug in separately, how in the name of all that is holy so we fix this?


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I haven't heard of this problem before. You DO need to have/post the Norcold model number for better possible help.

There IS a company in a town near Elkhart that specializes in RV refrigerators and has come up with a conventional freon refrigerant conversion for most all RV refrigerators, both in 12 volt DC power and 110 VAC power versions. They sell DIY kits or do the conversion at their facility. There are videos on this on You Tube. The company is called JC Refrigeration and they are very experienced in all types of RV refrigerators, and may have an answer to your problem if you call them. Here is a link to their 12 volt DC ONLY (No Propane) freon cooling units for Norcolds. There is another page with the 120 VAC cooling units.

There is a "Contact Us" link on their main page: