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01-22-2007, 10:20 PM
Sharol and I were at first pleased to get a phone call tonight that we had "won" a "free" 30 day certificate from Thousand trails. We had attended the Super RV Show at Tampa FL and had registered for the "free" drawing.

I asked the Lady calling to send the certificate. She said we had to "make a reservation" to come to Clermont FL to get the certificate. I did schedule a day/time to come and get it, but later after checking on the Internet, it appears you AND your wife MUST attend a 90 minute "presentation", I called them back and canceled the whole thing. It makes me wonder how many others may have "won".

It upsets me to have companies do these so called "free" offers/drawings when they really are unsolicited marketing. We did NOT enter anything on the drawing form saying we would accept sales/marketing contact from them.

We have run into other similar type "free" drawings here in Florida over the past 5-6 years. Just wanted to give the forum users a heads up on what some companies will do to get business.

Tom & Sharol

01-23-2007, 01:58 PM
I'm sure that we have also won, but our address is Michigan and we get our mail in Florida once/week.

When we bought our first 5er, it was from a dealer in Winter Park and he suggested three free nights of camping at Thousand Trails so shake out any problems.

The campground is very nice, but the presentation is not limited to 90 minutes. They finally gave up on us after about three hours.

Initial price was $8,500, and they were down to $3,750 by the time they gave up on us. Might have been a good deal if there was more than one campground in Michigan (near Port Huron).

01-23-2007, 02:17 PM
Hi sislv,
While I do not agree with their tactics/marketing approach, I do have to say that we joined about 3+ years ago and have been very pleased with our membership. One the the reasons we joined is because their is a 1000 Trails campground 20 minutes from our home and we use it every weekend. Plus there are other reasonably close by, 1-2 hours. Anyway, our experience with the sales was actually pleasant, and was not at all a "pressure" sale which was another plus towards our purchasing a membership.

If by chance you decide to try the free weekend and listen to the sales speech, it would be nice to hear what you thought reagardless of whether you purchase or not. My wife and I try to forward these opinions on to the local sales staff and management to let them know how others feel.

Good luck,