Help finding electric slide out motor Heartland Pioneer SS171

Our slide is bowing in the center where the dining seat butts with the sofa. It’s is causing the wood trim to get held up on the floor and the slide won’t go out or come back in without one person lifting the center up by hand and the other operating the switch. I noticed our dining seat is also pulling apart at the seam on the wall. My husband says the rear side or the slide is coming out before the other side closes to the front of the trailer kicks in. We are trying to find the motor to reset the slide and cannot locate where it is at. I’ve checked the manual and there is nothing. I do know it’s electric and not hydraulic. We recently had the slide motor timing adjusted and have only been out once since then. I’ve had it with this camper as it’s been nothing but issues since day one.
It has tracks. I believe it is a Schwintek. We tried to reset it last night using the troubleshooting info from Lippert. It ended up worse and now won’t close all the way and gouged our floor and broke a piece of trim off the side.