Slide out crooked

have a 22 road warrior toy hauler with the side patio. It has a really long slide in the main part and it does not seem to open all the way when you pull it out. The top gap from slide to wall is like 1/2” and it gets bigger until the bottom where it is like 5-6” from the wall. The back small pull out makes a really awful noise while being pulled out. I have owned this thing for like 4 months but have not been able to use it once due to the many problems that had to be fixed. When I went to pick it up from supposedly being fixed, they told me the large slide was a new type of slide and they weren’t sure how it worked but it seemed to be sealed tight in the outside so it probably is just how it is supposed to be. The back one they couldn’t explain the noise but said it was sealed tight too so it must be ok. Does anyone have any knowledge about these slides. I need to know if it is going to be fine or still has problems they just don’t want to deal with. We are building a house and planned to stay in the trailer while it’s being built. We gout the toy hauler because my husband is paralyzed on one side and is in a wheelchair or a hospital bed, so I don’t want to bring this thing back and move his bed and everything in there just to have a problem with the slides. Once I move him in I would have no house to move his hospital bed to in order to take the RV back so I really need to make sure they know what they are talking about.


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We have a 2018 427RW and our big slide is hydraulic. Our bedroom slide is electric.
At the top of the page is a "Tools" section. In that area you can find information on the slides. If you cannot work on these, it will at least give you information on how these slides function, before you talk to the repair shop.
You could also call Heartland and talk to them, have the last 6 of your VIN number on hand before you call.