View Full Version : Busch Gardens excursion 5/14/11

05-09-2011, 04:01 PM
On Saturday 5/14 I will be leading the away team to Busch Gardens, Williamsburg. There are several things I'd like to know to better set this up.

If you are interested in going, how many are in your rig (including ~ages -- esp. kids -- for a head count)?
Are you already a passholder and does your pass include the "free parking" and/or "free premium parking" (Platinum passes)
How many of you are interested in riding the roller coasters?
Do you prefer to leave the park early so you can attend the Saturday night dinner or would you prefer to stay as late as possible at the park?
Do you have room in your vehicle for extra people and/or would you prefer to ride with someone else if possible?
Who is interested in all meeting up at say Das Festhaus for a group lunch?

Here's why I'm asking ... at ~$12 for regular parking and who knows how much for premium parking, I'm thinking of minimising the vehicle count and spreading passholders among inbound vehicles so everyone parks free. I'm also willing to consider the Das Festhaus effect and arrange outbound vehicles with built-in designated drivers.

I'm also looking at putting together a "fear the four" thing for coaster lovers -- we'd get "front of line passes" for the coasters and get tee-shirts after riding them all.

Is there anything else you'd like tossed into consideration (like behind the scenes tours, particular shows, etc.)?

Please reply here on this thread so I can start laying this out.

Thanks and look forward to seeing everyone!!

05-10-2011, 08:54 PM
Leslie and I are arriving on Thursday and will participate in Friday's pot-luck. Saturday we will join the group at the park - we are pass holders. We will probably join later in the evening on Saturday, therefore we will miss eating at Das Festhaus :-( We'll have to see. There is just the two of us and we do like riding the roller coasters. For your "Fear the Four" plans, is there a cast for that? We might do that with the group - suppose that depends upon when we arrive. Not sure of any other tour opportunities, etc. We'll chew on that. Thanks for all of your work planing this!