EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: FL, St. Augustine - 10/23/2020 to 10/25/2020

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Florida Chapter Leaders

  • Compass RV Resort
  • 1505 State Road 207
  • St. Augustine, FL 32806
  • Barbara Slifer 904-824-3574
  • www.compassrvpark.com
  • Pets: Two per unit, nominal fee for additional pets. Usual leash and pickup
  • Golf carts allowed: Yes
  • Golf Cart restrictions?:
  • Golf Cart fees?:

  • From: 10/23/2020 to: 10/25/2020
  • Number of sites held: 30
  • Register by end of day 9/22/2020
  • Site fee: $$58.50 plus tax per night.
  • Club Member Event fee: Catered dinner $5.00 per person
  • Non-Heartland Brand fee: $20.00
  • Potluck: Yes
  • Potluck date: October 23
  • Potluck time: 6:00PM


Additional Info:
These guidelines will include wearing of mask when in public areas of the park, social distancing and no more than 30 individuals will be allowed in the clubhouse at one time. Compass has a covered pavilion next to the pool that has been reserved for our use. Tables are picnic style and can seat 6 individuals tightly and 4 (to help meet guidelines) comfortably.




Because of Covid virus concern the following events will take place at the covered PAVILION located between the clubhouse and the pool.
Thursday, October 22nd - 6:00pm Meet and Greet. Please bring finger foods to share.
Friday, October 23rd - 8:00am Pastry breakfast: Club will provide coffee and pastries.
6:00pm Pot luck dinner. Club will provide plates and utensils.
Saturday, October 24th - 8-10am Breakfast: THE CLUB WILL PROVIDE COFFEE AND PASTRIES. (Compass RV Park will not have a breakfast option available.)
6:00pm Catered Dinner: We are having a catered dinner from Sonny's Barbecue. Menu will be - Pulled Pork, Pulled Chicken, BBQ beans, Homemade Coleslaw, Mac & Cheese, Dessert and Tea, sweet and unsweetened.
Cost per person is $5.00 with the club comping the difference.
Sunday, October 25th - 7:30am - 9:00am - Until Next Time breakfast of coffee and pastries will be provide by the club.

Trolley Tour Information:

Hey fellow HOC members. We want to share an update about the St. Augustine rally this October.

Prior to arriving visit
www.visitstaugustine.com to get all the latest on attractions, events, restaurants and just general information.

For your enjoyment we have secured an exceptional deal with Old Town Trolley located in St. Augustine.

Old Town Trolley has a shuttle service to and from our park to their downtown base at the Old Jail. This shuttle picks up at Compass RV park at 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00AM. The shuttle will RETURN guest back to Compass every ½ hour from stop #1 (Old Jail) throughout the day till 5:00PM.
We also have the option to drive our trucks to their facilities at the Old Jail. This may prove more convenient than catching a shuttle from Compass to this same location. Parking is more than adequate for all of our trucks at one time (FREE PARKING) and we can come and go as we please. There is a FEE to park downtown. Covered garage parking (as of July 18[SUP]th[/SUP]) is $15.00 and could be challenging for your dually. There are other lots around town for $10.00, you’ll just have to hunt for them. Parking downtown either curbside or at induvial lots can be dually challenging
Old Town Trolley is offering the following for our rally: ALL PRICES ARE PER PERSON.

Option A -- Two day trolley pass – with this purchase you get the first day to do the general trolley tour and/or hop on and off the trolley at your leisure plus an additional one-day pass. $29.00
Option B -- Two day trolley pass (same as option A) plus an admission ticket to The Old Jail $31.00
Option C -- Two day trolley pass (same as option A) plus admission tickets to The Old Jail, Oldest Store, Museum Experience and the St. Augustine History Museum $39.00
Old Town Trolley also offers a Ghost and Gravestone one hour RIDING tour. Normally the tour would stop at various “spooky” locations and disembark but Covid-19 has temporally halted group gatherings outside the trolley. This generally starts about 8:00pm

The last trolley departs stop one (Old Jail) at 4:30 PM. If you plan to take the trolley and get off in town to enjoy one of the many restaurants for dinner then plan on WALKING HOME.
Additional daily trolley passes are available for $7.00 per day and may be purchased as needed at the Old Town Trolley administration office located at the Old Jail property.
Fountain of Youth admission is $16.00 and tickets may be purchased at Old Town Trolley. Our contact person at Old Town is Tyna.
If you have a National Park (Golden Age Passport) be sure to have it with you for free admission to Castillo De San Marcos (Old Fort).

Payment Info:
Provide the following information with your check:
$5.00 per person in your group for the catered dinner. We need this for dinner count.
Old Town Trolley option you desire and the corresponding amount for each person in your group. (example; 2 for option A $58.00)

Please make the check payable to Jeff or Nora Hanna and send so that we receive it no later than October 1st.
Our address Jeff & Nora Hanna @ 2601 Robin Drive, Plant City, Florida 33563

Last NameFirst NameArrival DateDeparture DateSite NumberDinnerTrolley Option
1HannaJeff/Nora18 Oct.26 Oct.CPS-0212A
2AllenRandy/Santha18 Oct.25 Oct.CPS-036
3GilbertDon/Cindy18 Oct.25 Oct.CPS-0392C
4MansolinoBob/Barb19 Oct.25 Oct.CPS-0142A
5WarrenHayden/Gigi19 Oct.25 Oct.CPS-0242C
6LesterRicky/Rachel19 Oct.25 Oct.CPS-0232C
7StanleyTerrell/Carol19 Oct.26 Oct.CPS-0312C
8WestWalter/Linda19 Oct.25-Oct.CPS-0382
9AlfanoPaul/Sue19 Oct.25 Oct.CPS-0302
10LesterSteve/Patti19 Oct.25 Oct.CPS-0292
11FirthJohn/Judy20 Oct.27 Oct.CPS-0342A
12LeavittTom/Carol20 Oct.27 Oct.CPS-0352A
13GogginMike/Kim20 Oct.25 Oct.CPS-0162*B*
14MathisNathan/Byrd21 Oct.25 Oct.CPS-0222C
15BelfiDave/Carleen21 Oct.26 Oct.CPS-0322C
16ClevelandJerry/Mary21 Oct.25 Oct.CPS-0332A
17MartinChris/Janette21 Oct.26 Oct.CPS-0152B
18WinkJerry/Judy21 Oct.26 Oct.CPS-0372C
19FernandezNina22 Oct.25 Oct.CPS-025
20ScottHenry/Martha22 Oct.26 Oct.CPS-0202
21PettyDale/Donna23 Oct.25 Oct.TBD2
22SmithKevin/Cindy23 Oct.26 Oct.TBD2*
Modified 10/13/2020
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Southeast Region Director-Retired
Nathan & I thoroughly enjoyed St Augustine 18 months ago and can't wait to get back to there again. Will make our reservations.


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Can we already make reservations. We always wanted to visit St Augustine

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Florida Chapter Leaders
Can we already make reservations. We always wanted to visit St Augustine

Lots to do and see in St.Augustine.
Yes you should be able to make reservations. During this period the number of staff is limited as are their hours.
Let me know once you've made your reservations so we can put you on the list.
Thanks, Jeff


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We have made our reservation today 20-27 Oct. looking forward to this rally as have not been to St Augustine before.

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Southeast Region Director-Retired
Talked with Barbara this morning and got booked coming in on Wednesday the 21st, leaving on the 25th. We love the St Augustine area and can't wait to get back there for more shopping.


Retired Alabama Chapter Leaders
Hi Jeff & Nora, We made reservations for the rally. Arriving on 10/22 and departing on 10/26. See you in October!


Active Member
Made our reservations today. Arriving 19 Oct and leaving 26 Oct. Barbara could not give us a site number. Look forward to seeing you again.


Mississippi Chapter Leaders
We made our reservations for the Florida Rally. We will arrive October 19th and depart October 25th. We have been assigned site #23.
Looking forward to a great rally!
Ricky and Rachel Lester
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Founding Georgia Chapter Leader (Ret)
Jeff & Nora, Santha made reservations today. Arriving on the 18th and departing the 25th on site 36. Looking forward to the rally.
Randy, Santha and the Poodles


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Got our reservations! Arriving October 19 Departing on October 26th. Looking forward to being in St. Augustine again! No site number yet.


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Called and got our site number this morning. We will be in #31. Also, we are arriving 19 Oct, not 12 Oct; leaving 26 Oct.


Hey all. I am Jerry and my wife is Mary. We are Georgia Heartland rvers and will be joining your rally in October. We will arrive on the 21st and leave on the 25th. Looking forward to meeting new people and getting out of quarantine. By the way, Koda is no longer with us. We now have Yoda.


Ohio Chapter Leaders
Hi Jeff and Nora,

We registered for the Rally arriving on 10/18 departing 10/25. No site number was assigned yet. Looking forward to your first Rally.
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