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08-25-2011, 08:04 PM
We have had our coach for about 4 months now and have been having it running in the AM right at 33-35, which is good. However as the day gets hotter (Near 100) it warms up to 47-50 and even hit 51 today. I switched it to gas and will see what happens with that. But since this is a issue I have been having I have been watching most forum posts on anything close to my issue.

I finally got some time and looked in my upper frig door out side and I found something that I had not expected. I have attached a pic of it. Is this normal or something that needs to be redone? there seemed to be a fan pretty close to the shield and I could feel it pushing air past the coil. Any ideas?

I have seen a lot of posts on adding a fan, would that help me here?

And now for the last couple of days the ice maker has not been making ice. There is some frost build up in the freezer air but its not that bad. I checked the water to the solenoid and that was good. Also the cord was hooked up. I did not check it for power but it is a double outlet that the frig is also plugged into. It could be bad on one side i guess and that will be the next thing I check. Could the frost be the issue or anyone have any other ideas?


08-26-2011, 07:22 AM
We have had similar cooling problems with our 1350. In our case, our frig would sometimes not cool down, even overnight. I finally determined that most of the issue was with the flap between the doors not closing all the way. We have not found a fix, but are diligent to pull the flap towards us after we close the left side door. You can check for this by feeling the air at the bottom of the doors, where they meet. If you feel cold air dropping, you have found the problem. Of course, this is not the only issue that may cause your problems, as many others have already written.

08-26-2011, 07:40 AM
Have you all checked your flap? Mine is looking like it is warped a bit and makes me wonder what is inside of it. I hope it is not a wood core. I have noticed lately that the left side door (the flap is mounted to this door) is harder to push closed making me think there is a problem with the flap. I will continue to look into this.

09-13-2011, 01:10 AM

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09-13-2011, 02:39 PM
Hello Michael and Kelley,

We too were having problems with our RM-1350 Elite fridge. It would also be cool in the morning and warm as the day went on. When we picked up our unit everything worked as it was suppose to. We had to put our unit in storage since we are not full timers yet. This spring we got our unit out for our first outing. I shopped after we had setup so the fridge had not been open since storage. At first we thought that because I bought so much food and loaded the fridge down so much it took a while to cool down, however as the weeks went by and having resorted to pans with ice in them to keep it below 40 my husband noticed that the flap in the inside left hand door was not closing in order to create a barrier inside the fridge. In other words there is just enough of a gap on inside of the door. (see photo). So I've called Dometic for a month now to get a drawing of exactly how the components function together. the drawing number is: RM1350WIMSSX, W/949M,
Dometic is having issues with emailing drawings that the customer can print. So our issue isn't fixed, however we just have to remember that each time we open the left door to pull (swing) the flap into place to keep from loosing air.

Other then this the unit works great. I hope that I've been of some help, if not I just bored you to death. :o