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09-14-2011, 01:01 PM
Hello Ladies!

We are "expecting" our new baby in about two weeks and are very anxious to get this new chapter of our RV lives started. In our previous life, we were Motorhomers, and before that, we showed horses for 20 years in a fifth wheel horse trailer with full living quarters in it. Now we travel with our four show dogs (3 Golden Retrievers and 1 very bad Whippet :)).

While we loved our 2007 Jayco Seneca 35GS, it had limitations as far as having to rent a car once we arrived at our destination if we wanted to sight-see, and, we always had to tow our trailer with our bikes and golf cart in it. After visiting some very friendly toy hauler campers and getting tours of their rigs, we realized that hauling a 5th wheel toy hauler would solve most of our problems. We shopped all the models - who knew there were so many toy hauler manufacturers!!!?? -- and found the floorplan that worked for us. (Still trying to work on how to fit four dogs into the dually, but we will work on that one ;)) Hubby was a little reluctant to give up his "Super C" truck with the duramax and all the bells and whistles on it, but I was able to convince him that buying a newer dually might ease the pain a little. Luckily, he is quite male and relished the challenge of finding just the right truck to appease his heartache and he is thrilled with his new "Beast". I just like the colour, lol.

My question to you all is this; has anyone managed to decorate their garages so they look more like rooms than a golf-cart garage? I would love to see some pictures if someone will share? I know that Hubby needs some sort of shelving system to store his stuff - the basement storage will be taken up with most of the dog stuff we need to carry to keep the dirt and hair out of our living area, plus chairs, barbecue etc. Right now he uses the trailer shelving to store his tool boxes, tie-downs etc. but it is very messy looking and I would rather not have that visible in the new unit. We will be having guests staying quite often with us, which is why we went with the 3800 model. That second 1/2 bath will get plenty of use!

Thanks to you all for starting this forum! We are very excited to be a part of the Heartland Family and we have never participated in a forum before so appreciate your patience. Looking forward to getting some ideas and planning out the design of the garage. Thanks again!

The Camilleri Crew
Tim and Lauri
Simmee-Sue, Loni-Loser, Reese and Nanna (the dogs)
2008 Chevrolet 3500 HD, DA
Arriving soon - 2012 Cyclone 3800 HD

09-14-2011, 01:29 PM
Hi Tim and Lauri,

Welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum and to the Family. We have a great bunch of people here with lots of information and all willing to share their knowledge if needed.

Since you posted this in the ladies room, your probably going to get all kinds of help with ideas from sewing room to art room, scrap booking..:). you name it, but don't forget DH :), he needs a place to put his greasy wrenches, noisy saws and hammers.:) I think some have even converted the area into a on the road office. In you case with show dogs, it could become a kennel room.

When you do go to pick up your new toy, take lots of time and do a very slow and through PDI. Make sure you can operate everything and everything works, from top to bottom. Have water hooked up and even put water in all the tanks and drain them. I know you have had a trailer before, so just check out your new one. :)

Enjoy the forum.

Jim M

09-22-2011, 12:30 PM
Hi Ladies of the Girls Room. Please reply to this post at this location (//heartlandowners.org/showthread.php/26773-Heartland-Newbies?p=199672&highlight=#post199672). Double posted. :)

Jim M