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10-21-2011, 08:41 AM
We have an inflatable mattress in out Sundance 2900MK. We are in the need of a replacement mattress since the original and the replacement mattress will not hold air. I have contacted Flair Interiors in regards on how to repair our current mattress since the leak is coming from a crease for the second time. The customer service rep suggested that I use Gorilla Glue since it was in a crease and the patching does not always hold in that area. Well the Gorilla glue was not a fix either, still leaking and what a mess it made too.

While talking to the customer service rep she told me that Flair has designed a different type mattress since they have had so many problems with the original design and wanted to sell me a replacement. Well I am not sure if I want to spend $75.00 for the cost of the mattress and shipping for the replacement knowing the current track record with their first design.

My question is, has anyone here purchased the new design mattress and is is worth the money?

Has anyone else purchased a different type of mattress for their existing bed frame and if so what did you purchase?


10-21-2011, 09:30 AM
Hello, My name is Tim Meade I am the Slaes Manager at Falir Interiors, I read our blog and I want to clear few things and also offer some help is I may. First and foremost we buy these bladders just like every and any other bladder you see in America from China. There is no (to our knowledge) manufatcures in United States. So I do get the black eye for the failure of the bladder, which its in my sofa so I will take that. We do suggest Gorila glue in thin amount around the suface of the patch only becsaue it is better than the glue that unsually comes in the patch kit from China and I know personally I have had atleast 3 Retailers tell me it worked, so I apologize that on yours it did not.
Lastly I want to put out for the record we DID NOT CHANGE BLADDERS due to us having so many issues in the feild, did we have some yes were they all our issues no, but we handle each issue as serious and try to be as complyiing as possible to the Retailers BUT we changed bladders a littel over a year ago becasue we worked a special deal with our Vendor to be able to ADD a free hand held pump in addition to the current pump and we threw in a bag so you take your bladder off the sofa and carry it anywhere (some even take them to the beach and lay on them instead the hard sand) but then lastly we got to use a denier poly ester blend material versus the rubber type suface we had previously, so we ADDED all three of these at no cost, just so we could have "Continuous product improvement".
If you could email me at my work address I would like to try and help you with your issue your going thru now, I want to make sure your a "Happy Camper" so please email me and we will start communications that way. tmeade@flairinteriors.com

Thank you so much and I hope all other aspects of the sofa meet your criteria.

10-21-2011, 11:25 AM
We have the new type inflatable mattress in our Landmark and have used it many times without any problems. I believe it is a solid improvement over the design in your rig (we had the exact same year/model before getting the Landmark). If you compare the price on a replacement from a Walmart/Target, I think you'll find them comparable (IMHO).

10-21-2011, 01:54 PM
I just wanted to let everyone know that Tim Meade the Sales Manager at Flair Interiors, has contacted me about the situation with our inflatable mattress. He and I have worked out the details on my issue. Therefore I will not be purchasing another brand of inflatable mattress.

Thank you Tim and the others who have responded to my request.

Great customer service.

10-21-2011, 02:32 PM
I am on my second Flair air mattress. Second one better than first. The first failed due to the remainder of a piece of wire welding rod on the steel frame. As to the Gorilla glue, this type of glue is water activated as per directions on the bottle. When I use Gorilla glue, I wet both pieces of material that is to be flued.

10-21-2011, 05:02 PM
I have found that the frame that it lays on has several pinch points, so I have been putting a heavy quilt or blanket under the bladder. I also remove it when not in use by doing this so for has solved my problem.